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  • Because despite email, internet, and social media, there’s no substitute for putting the book in the hands of interested book buyers. Connect with librarians, educators, booksellers, literary agents, editors, publishers, and many other members of the publishing community by marketing your titles at book events around the world.
  • We need a platform to generate book sales, and there is no other avenue in the online world that allows us to gather hundreds of thousands of buyers who are already interested in your book genre other than the social media giant Facebook with its chatting app Messenger—still the largest online platform to guarantee a captive audience.
  • One doesn’t have to look far to search for places that provide this opportunity for a guaranteed book translation as well foreign rights. We have created a network for rights sellers and rights buyers to have an opportunity to negotiate, buy, and sell foreign rights quicker, easier, and in a more organized fashion.
  • Hollywood Marketing

    We will do the process of pitching your book to Hollywood agents who are actively searching for the genre or type of story that you wrote. In this way, we eliminate the hassle and risk of having to knock on the doors of the film industry without a guarantee of interest from those decision-makers.
  • Publicity is an old-time strategy that has proven effective in promoting a book. Whether it’s reaching out to local and national media outlets or utilizing new media channels such as interviews with Youtube book influencers, Beacon Books Agency has a team of professional publicists for a guaranteed book exposure.
  • Our main goal is to get your book into the hands of these movers and shakers in the industry. As you transition yourself to getting your book picked up by a traditional publisher, we provide you a guaranteed roadmap to targeting literary agents for consideration.