Featured Authors

Author: Carl Wooton

Synopsis: Twelve stories explore the stresses and strains inherent in youth coming of age, family dynamics, misplaced and unrequited love, the reserved strength in a marriage, a confrontation with death, and the constant awareness that there is never enough money. Ernest Rambler’s family lives with the knowledge that Ernest senses that he must always be looking for or moving to a better job, which means they will be moving again soon. The stories place the characters in Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, Arkansas, and Louisiana. None of the characters seems to find a sense of permanence in any one place. There is a general sense that everything in life involves unending pursuits of security and love and that coming of age may well be a never-ending process.

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Author: Stephen Paul Tolmie

Synopsis: Do you know your net worth? Have you organized your assets? Why is this necessary? Who do I wish to receive my assets? What information do I need to document? What does it mean to be an executor? What is involved in being an executor? Who should I choose as my executor? Does my executor have access to all of my documentation? Does my executor know and understand all of my wishes? All of these will be answered in the book.

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Author: Marcos H.N. Rossi

Synopsis: Frank is a troubled young man who has difficulty fitting in, always in constant confrontation with family, friends, school and church. All this starts to change when a mysterious and unconventional mentor unexpectedly steps in and begins to share with him some invaluable life lessons. However, WWII explodes in England and changes his destiny forever, separating master and disciple. He meets Elizabeth and falls in love, but his romance is also sadly impacted by the war. To get out of this dead end, he returns to Bread & Joy, the farm where he was born, and discovers that he was never as alone as he thought and learns that in order to make peace with God, with his past, and find true love, some tough decisions are necessary.

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Author: Dr. Scout Cloud Lee

Synopsis: The Formula gives us direct access to the sacred technology that helps us be accountable for our well-being and all the difficulties we attract. In each chapter, we learn fun, powerful, and simple ways to let go of the baggage that we might be dragging around and start playing the game of life like champions. Included here is the wisdom Dr. Scout Cloud Lee has taught countless leaders of major organizations. Now The Formula is a simple tool we can use in our own lives right now to bring forth our dreams and to fulfill our true purpose.

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Author: Paul W. Cherry

Synopsis: Think about it! What if you’re stuck in a life situation with little or no hope for anything different? You have a nagging fear that you have never been really good enough to win God’s smile. “There is nothing I could ever do to make you love me more, and there is nothing I could ever do to make you love me less.” What if it’s true regarding our relationship to God? What if that is also true in our grace-based relationships with each other? The vision of this writing is to help us see through the fog of evangelical complacency and recapture the spiritual pizzazz of New Testament-Christianity.

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Author: Gregory A. Wirt

Synopsis: Anxiety, depression, trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other stress-related conditions are controlling our lives, affecting our health and happiness—and they are killing us! Gregory A. Wirt, a Vietnam veteran who moved to Australia in 1972 after becoming disillusioned with the turmoil in America, felt as though he were in a downward spiral when he was diagnosed with PTSD in his early fifties. Instead of letting it overwhelm him, he sought to overcome it to live a better life. In D-Tour, he shares the unlikely journey that set him on a path of development through dips, dives, and discoveries—and ultimately to a better life.

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Author: Orville Mann

Synopsis: The Adventures of George Lee is a story about the United States of America being threatened by a super weapon. His job is to lead a combined force of military and civilian employees in building a device to destroy the weapon before it can target the United States of America. His objective is to prevent World War III. George finds a surprise romance while working to build the defensive device.

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Author: Lowell Duane Pabst

Synopsis: It is time to be tested for apprenticeship into a female society that feeds on the life-energy of other beings. The price of initiation leaves Cynderet reeling from loss and the mortal target of the society’s very source of power. Cynderet seeks solace within her own mind. Latent telepathic powers begin to blossom while the society seeks to destroy her. In a desperate act she befriends a battle-proven lord and his circle of great warriors. She discovers she is a part of a saga that started long before her birth and a pursuit that traverses the planes of existence.

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Author: Rose Love

Synopsis: Delilah Rose is fictional, inspired by historical events of an old woman. She considers it one of her best manuscripts. Like Delilah Rose, she’s a kid at heart and romantic. She shares her childhood stories with a twist. Cartoon is like a good meal to her. Delilah Rose can be anyone who is reading the book because you can relate with her family experiences. She didn’t have a TV. Everyone sat around the campfire and listened to the old timers tell stories. Sometimes to pass the time, they would listen to stories while working in the fields.

Buy the Book: https://www.amazon.com/Delilah-Rose-Living-Past-Love-ebook/dp/B006SMH9XU

Author: Eve Grafton

Synopsis: James Armstrong left London to join his wife, Alicia, after her grandmother had a bad fall and called for her granddaughter to help in a southern coastal city. James was working at that time on a passport scam involving his wife without her knowledge. Percy Gray is the father of the surgeon who operated on Alicia’s grandmother’s arm who called his father, a retired police detective, to have a look at the situation that caused the fall, thinking foul play had played a part, so fate stepped in to introduce Percy Gray and James Armstrong to solve the granny’s fall affair.

Buy the Book: https://www.amazon.com/Passport-Mystery-Introducing-Armstrong-Investigations/dp/1796000884

Author: Georgina Fatseas

Synopsis: The galaxies of Oberon and Amada have been at peace for over a thousand years, but now their civilisation has come under threat by an aggressive race of humanoid lizards, the Lacertians. The people of Oberon and Amada look to Prince Alcyn, a figurehead leader who is more interested in research into the use of neutrino travel technology than the complexities of politics, to save the two galaxies. Realising the two galaxies can never win against their enemies, the planets begin mass evacuations.

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Author: Carl Berryman

Synopsis: A surprise attack launched from the International Space Station will result in 95% of the urban and suburban U.S. population dying within two weeks due to starvation, violence, and the effects of radiation. There will be no time for a retaliatory strike as strategic assets are destroyed. Our cities will become jungles ruled for a short time by gangs that carve out their territory, seeking food, water, plunder, and rape. An EMP attack will immediately magnetize all internal combustion engines; airplanes will fall from the skies; all unprotected vehicles will immediately crash due to loss of control. Survivors will wait in vain for a return to normalcy. This is a story of survival.

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Author: Alene Adele Roy

Synopsis: Pond ghosts are discovered at the Hathaway ancestral home. A mysterious and beautiful gold and silver medallion is found, and devoted friendships develop in Magnolia Gardens and at Dragonfly Pond Place when eight students meet after school at Rachael’s Sanctuary. She, fiancé Eddie, and their students face challenges when unexpected emergencies arise. Together, Rachael, Eddie, and The Grand Group make decisions and discoveries which will change their future and their lives and those within the community, in a season of surprises and memories to treasure.

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Author: David Straw

Synopsis: Thirty-six-year-old Everett Lentry just wants to run away. Rooted to his idealized past, he is struggling to find his way in a world that never listened to his youthful dreams and visions. Trapped within the merry-go-round of a loveless thirteen-year marriage, Everett’s delicate infrastructure is held together only by the unconditional love he has for his two daughters. Fatherhood is his sole companion.

Author: Robert Gallant

Synopsis: In Gallant’s debut suspense novel Satan’s Stronghold, beautiful former collegiate swimming champion Chesney Barrett takes the role of an undercover tasked to locate the alleged drug factory hidden deep in the Louisiana swamps. Chesney thought that while doing her further graduate studies in environmental research in the Louisiana Atchafalaya Basin, the only dangers she would be facing are alligators and moccasins. Unknowingly, another person’s appearance would change her life in just a matter of days.

Author: Bob Bradshaw

Synopsis: Retirement is an often-discussed topic, but it is rarely planned for as a lifestyle. It’s like a freight train roaring down the railroad track chasing us. We know it will catch us at some point. In Don’t Retire to Expire, author Bob Bradshaw offers a discussion and guide to successful lifestyle retirement planning. Through more than 200 interviews of people who have retired, are planning for retirement, or are just now thinking what it will be in their future, Bradshaw shares a host of information on how to approach retirement—to begin thinking and planning for a better experience.

Author: Adbul Qayum Safi

Synopsis: The eldest of ten children, Safi is forced to survive on very little while living in an extremely traditional and conservative society. His road isn’t easy from the beginning, having moved from Pech due to war and starting over with his family in his parents’ home village. Although he encounters numerous setbacks, Safi never gives up on his search for a better life. When Safi earns a number of scholarships due to his academic excellence, his travels bring him to different locations, cultures, and opportunities.

Author: Brad Gilmore

Synopsis: This collection from his more than four hundred published poems distinctly addresses social issues of our time in the United States and worldwide. Uniquely chosen, each poem will rouse and motivate the reader toward pursuing radical social and economic change on behalf of the poor and the disenfranchised for both the young and old alike. Dr. Gilmore’s poetry speaks both to the common person and those in power about pervasive dilemmas, such as suicide, poverty, loneliness, and grief.

Author: Cecil Miller

Synopsis: This book covers the history of aviation, aviators, and behind-the-scenes life of air traffic controllers. It kicks off with the triumph of the Wright brothers, the early days of the airplane and manufacturing, the dawn of air traffic control and airmail, the war hero pilots, the test pilots, the experimental aircraft, the jet age, the century series aircraft, the first airlines, and the race to outer space.

Author: Au Yong Chee Tuck

Synopsis: In Success without Fulfilment, author Au Yong Chee Tuck explores the gap between success and fulfillment while addressing the dichotomy between the theory and practice of Ba Zi astrology. He discusses that many Ba Zi students grasp the theoretical aspects of the subject, but they have difficulty applying the principles to practical situations.

Author: Joseph Godson Amamoo

Synopsis: The author has been fascinated by the problem of racism from the time he first encountered it in September 1957 when he arrived in the United Kingdom. And over the period of 60 years of adulthood, he has tried to understand the causes of this dangerous ideology. People born racist or acquired characteristic? Why did Europe become associated with racism? What are the effects—economic, political, and physiological—on both the racists and their victims? Can racism be eradicated? Why aren’t white women racists or insignificantly so compared with white men? These are a few of the questions and issues about racism which have interested the author for many years.