Diane Meyer


Senior Manager, Editorial Acquisitions

Email: diane.meyer@beaconbooksagency.com

Phone: (+1) 209-710-5400


Diane Meyer is an adept editorial professional with an exceptional flair for refining manuscripts into literary gems. A graduate in Creative Writing, Diane seamlessly marries her passion for language and storytelling with an unwavering commitment to the Chicago Manual of Style. She has a keen eye for detail and a penchant for polished prose and honed her craft in the delicate art of manuscript editing. With an impressive track record of shepherding authors toward literary excellence, Diane has become a guiding light for writers seeking to navigate the intricate realm of manuscript refinement. Her proficiency serves as a testament to their commitment to upholding the highest standards of editorial excellence.

Beyond the realm of editing, she also takes on the mantle of a project manager for marketing books, orchestrating successful campaigns with finesse. Her innate understanding of literary nuances and marketing dynamics results in a harmonious synergy that propels books toward commercial success.

Diane has joined Beacon Books in 2018 as an Editorial Agent and has since climbed up the ladder with her current role as Senior Manager for Editorial Acquisitions.