At Beacon Books, we primarily believe our light serves a two-fold purpose—to illuminate authors and to attract readers!

Composed of highly incandescent industry professionals with reliable years of experience, we aim to provide innovative and cost-effective book solutions and strategies.

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Presenting your self-published book to its intended audience requires a well-thought-out marketing platform. Beacon Books Agency guarantees a reliable, personalized lifetime support for your bookselling and advertising needs.

Author Testimonials

“Beacon Books makes no promise, builds no dream, solicits no marketing scheme but what they can deliver.  They know the how, the who, and the where to bring a heart’s work to reality—or they tell you so. They are integrity, transparency, candid honesty, global marketing, united and informed work teams; and they remain devoted to a client even within an industry where personnel changes are virtually the expected.  One only pays for what Beacon Books will deliver. Others make the claim; Beacon Books fulfills.”

Lowell Duane Pabst, Author: Razon’s Daughter

“Beacon Books has been a joy to work with since last August 2019, offering affordable marketing for my five young adult novels and hope during some very traumatic events and lately during this frightening pandemic. Many of your excellent, targeted marketing plans I had never heard of, yet they resulted in some good progress. I look forward to your company publishing my sixth young adult novel and found editing of it very informative and challenging. Your targeted book sales programs are greatly appreciated, while being so easy for this author-illustrator to participate in to quickly become a reality, sometimes over the weekend. I wish to thank Todd Adams, International Marketing Director for Beacon Books and each and every team member and supervisor for their long hours, dedication, and efforts of diligence, tenacity, and brilliance, shining like a beacon of hope on behalf of my work to help entertain, create jobs, and make dreams come true!”

Alene Adele Roy, Author: Sanctuary; Pond Ghost; Guidings Tidings; A Homeland Dell; At a Homeland Dell

“I wish to thank Beacon Books for their creative and unique marketing plans for my 6 children’s books, which also gave me inspiration and motivation to continue my writing career plans. Furthermore, I appreciated the Hollywood Pitch Platform and teams that provided me with the knowledge that there is a serious and genuine interest in taking children’s literature to screen. It has certainly been a pleasure working with Beacon Books since last August 2019, for suitable forums which take my books and writing career in new directions. With your unified efforts, I feel more confident to continue writing and promoting products that I believe in and worked diligently to perfect, due to your guidance and direction. Finally, I wish to thank all marketing directors and their teams for helping to make my books known to children and their families, making my dream come true.”

Alene Adele Roy, Author: The Legend of Dragonfly Pond children’s book series

About Us

Who We Are

At Beacon Books, we primarily believe our light serves a two-fold purpose—to illuminate authors and to attract readers. Composed of highly incandescent industry professionals with reliable years of experience, we aim to provide innovative and cost-effective book solutions and strategies. A guiding light to authors, we serve as your book marketing beacon from planning to implementation, bringing your masterpiece to where it should be.

We understand it has been a pitch-dark journey. It’s high time to set ablaze!

Our Story

Established in 2012 by a group of literary and book agents with years of professional industry experience, Beacon Books is one of the largest international book advertising firms laser-focused on cost-effective book marketing alternatives.

With our team of book agents, publicists, book-to-screen agents, and marketing specialists, you are assured that your book is in good hands from the first step to whatever goal you wish to achieve.

We commit that you have a team of experts who will assure that your book’s campaign or platform is aligned with the vision of your work. Acknowledging that many authors have been disappointed with their overall publishing experience, we want to find the platform for their success and give the support that suits their needs.

For more than a decade now, Beacon Books has served as a matchmaking conduit for self-published authors and literary agents, traditional publishers, Hollywood agents, bookstore owners, librarians, book distributors, as well as individual buyers.

We use an alternative platform that is one of a kind—a cost-effective tool that allows authors to present their works to industry influencers who have found great interest in their book genre, category, or topic.

Beacon Books is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, USA, with a satellite office in London, UK.



To deliver reliable, long-term, personalized support through the book marketing process.


To provide literary talents with alternative cost-effective platforms to bring their books to readers and industry decision-makers.

Core Values

We’re obsessed with excellence. We strive not just to be good enough but to be the best at what we do.

Our dedicated team of experts is our best investment—the pillars of the business. We listen to learn. We learn to grow.

We uphold to honor our commitment to the company, its clients, and to one another. We only succeed when our clients succeed.

When passion meets aptitude, we produce better and cost-effective programs. These are not just new better ideas, but ideas that work.

We aim to auspiciously get the job done. Opportunity knocks at every man’s door, that’s why we create it for you.

Consulting is more than just giving advice. Rather it is effectively assessing situations to provide solutions that solve problems long term.